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Melete is an independent women's accessory brand creating handmade bags produced in USA. The brand represents simplicity and elegance; designed for a woman with an individual and effortless sense of style. Women who wear what they love, and feel inspired by these choices.


Every piece in the Melete line is meticulously executed, using top-quality leather and solid bronze components. The line honors the traces we leave behind in our attempts to fashion the elemental into something refined, even luxurious. We aim to recover a unique personal quality in products by reviving human touch in every product we make. There is a magnetic and creative force between traditional handmade techniques and modern function. Hand-making is a time consuming process, but it is a sensitive way to achieve an elevated and individual product line.


At Melete studio, we take mindful steps to protect the environment and create sustainable products. We make conscience choice of materials and continue to refine development process. Primarily, we produce studio made products that are focused on quality rather than quantity. We also collaborate with local artisans using carefully sourced leathers from Us and Europe. 



Melete was founded in 2014 by designer Ji Lee. Ji was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. At age 19, she moved to New York City, where she earned her BFA and MFA in Sculpture and Installation Arts from the School of Visual Arts. Over time, Ji’s interest in Fine Arts evolved into shoe design and handbag making along with the skills she honed from working over a decade in NYC and Philadelphia. Her move from Asia to North America at a young age, along with her exposure to film and modern art from both continents empowered her to become the designer and creator she is today. Melete studio is currently based in Philadelphia.


I am driven by creative process, and I want to be on a journey of creating a line of products that are striped-down to their core elements.  Every component is re-defined and carefully chosen for its own purpose in part of a whole product. We are living in a society where we are pressed to be perfect and immediate at every moment. Embracing imperfections and taking things slow shines light on liberation and being human. I wanted Melete bags to reflect these ideas. The bags are beautiful, individually unique, purposefully imperfect just like every one of us.

 Ji Lee





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